Tuesday, March 30, 2010


What is a Free Reign GOP Corporate Market ?

It all started when a Republican President Named Ronald Reagan came from an era of growing up in a great depression, where the times helped people learn and appreciate the value of the dollar.
It also has never recovered in many parts back east , in some places, where the thinking or mindset has left these places scarred from this type of thinking and its lasting effects on the economy and the way the people do business in these places.

Reagan decided once he became President from an accomplished actor with a chimpanzee monkey, named bedtime for bonzo, had Godfathered and recreated the Recession for Profiteering scheme and direction of the Country.

To sum it all up, this consisted of the obvious;

1. Created BIG GOVT SOCIALISM with the following;

2. Manipulated the Way America does Business to farm out the Labor to make it a Corporatist Society to Control the , Power, Wealth , and Control the People/Private Sector, by changing the type of Market and society he Admired and Studied to suit his party and his agenda.
Reagan's plan was to re invent the wheel through Recreating a Recession for Profiteering.

3. He Eliminated the Product Industry the Manufacturing Industry depended on by farming it out to Asia, Japan mostly.
the steel mills collapsed without being able to get the materials to compete, as Reagan had opened Markets with Japan Imports , and called it GLOBAL COMPETITION, and said we needed to be able to compete, not just with ourselves but globally with the rest of the world or we would fall behind, and only be a nation of our own.

4. After the collapse of the steel mills, America saw the struggles of the Big American Steel Cars come to a Economical & Financial Failure.

5. Reagan then did the same with the Farmers, and the Farmers Couldn't Compete and find buyers, as Reagan set up backroom sweetheart deals with certain buyers from Asia to sell to America , and Created import tax of shipping and handling breaks for Corporations doing business with Asia, than American Companies and American Farmers, raised taxes on the American Corps doing business with American Corps.

6. Reagan ended the Manufacturing and Product Industry, and Opened up the Draft Registration and encouraged the labor markets sign up for his BIG GOVT MILITARY Labor Movement shift .

7. What Laborers for the Country could not be found due to the Big Military shift in Employment for American Families to survive the recession created, with the manipulation of high interest rates and high inflation manipulation.
Reagan created an Amnesty to pick up the workforce slack missing to pick up the labor with Mexican Immigrants.

8. With the Next Generation of Republican Corporatism, as Bush Sr. Republican, as Reagan's VP, Bush Continued building on and expanding the Corporatist Govt, by Finding it would allow Free Reign Markets to open up Bidding for favortism to give Govt Contracts to certain corps for kickbacks and donations to their party , and foundations were immediately set up as well to profit.

9. As Bush Sr Left office the Deficit was through the roof as it was with Reagan, and wall street crashed, with a falsely inflated economy with manipulating the interest rates and diverting tax dollars.

Bush Sr , created laws to prevent anyone to stop anyone who would oppose him and his hidden agendas, including when with Reagan as VP, Bush was the Creator of using Intimidation and Fear to get his Agendas Vs. Reagan and the Global Competition thing coupled with the Star Wars Program to bankrupt America with patriotism and visionary delusion propaganda.
Bush sr, used his Leader of the CIA background experience and contacts to implement Control with fear and intimidation and war to offset the focus of his Forceful unpopular unquestionable policies .

10. Bush Jr, had expanded and re created the Recession policies and the laws to do the same as Bush Sr, among Reagan did, this time it was used with conditional appointments , and with big military war as same as Bush Sr among same people, which had nothing to do with the Attacks that happened under a republican watch, as well, and ignoring the FBI Reports in a timely manner to protect the Nation.

11. Later , after targeting certain Liberal Party Members firing them and hiring hatchet men, and people to do his bidding , and circumventing the Constitution, among the use of racism, separatism, fear propaganda to push his agendas, his unpopularity grew as the nation became a climate of being divided as the civil rights of the people became trampled on with war being the excuse to abridge the constitution.

12. Immigrants were no longer needed after targeting them to take the focus off the war, and to use the war climate to allow them to be hunted and targeted as resembling middle eastern people or muslims , as Bush Jr made many laws and attacks based on race, religion , and skin color, after the corporations targeted

Immigrants with high loan rates, and high down payments, then dumped the loans with raising the interest rates higher to make the purchases of homes, vehicles, and property or businesses , that bled over into many other Citizens targeted or seen the same, as immigrants with no rights, making the payments higher than could be afforded.
Only to blame the buyers to not be able to afford the properties they purchased, as the Corporate sector , resold the properties 3-5 times and became a billionaire society,

13. Finally , not to mention the patriot act that is not so patriot, but illegal and in conflict with the Constitution, among the changing of the bankruptcy laws, the habeas corpus, the denial of media to report to the public of Secret war prisons, the denial of geneva convention treaty rights of prisoners, and expost facto laws, the appointment of AG Gonzalez and Chief Sup Ct Roberts, they both Interpreted the Law in conflict with its original intent to support Ex post facto laws and deny rights to the people and the Prisoners of war or detainees rights as torture went on and on.

14. Corporate Kickbacks, Shareholding , donations, foundations, and off shore accounts had removed the peoples monies of the Country, and the Private Sector became a Service Industry Only, and can no longer compete or profit on a corporate level , the recession snowballed out of control, and GOP Corps were bailed out prior to Bush leaving office, and the separatism climate was created, leaving a Free Reign Corporate Market , to rip off the people...one example of that is when the FDA had its funds cut and laws to protect the people removed and dept to enforce removed, same with Aclu funds removed, and Insurance corps, med facilities, and the Drug Makers created meds to make the people sicker, and Bio Med Labs were given the rights to deal with bio chem warfare, when new strains of diseases became a public warning from the govt, and the drug maker shareholders were GOP Govt

Elected officials such as Rumsfeld, etc; the obvious factor is the diseases can jump from animals to human and originated in two different areas, then later was found in another area.
strains dont jump from animals to human , unless made in a lab and tested on animals.
the Corporate Free reign market enslaves the people to work more hours and spend less with family and is one of the affects on the family.

Problem we are left with today, is obvious, learn new ways from the past that dealt with these tycoons selling out America, to the highest bidder, which is it goldman and sachs or China, Korea?
Bush Jr left the Nuclear Peace Treaty Violations to the Liberal Party to have to deal with, while paying tax payer dollars to N Korea due to threats of nuclear war, which President Barack Obama , ended abruptly.

Laws don't protect FREE REIGN CORPORATE MARKETS , they CORRUPT THEM....look at the deregulation laws ...need we say more?
3 things balance the power , wealth and control...
1. individual rights
2. taxes on corporations to put back into the community the profits they are taking out, which denies private market profiteering and entrepreneur , jobs etc;
3. regulations of Corporations....otherwise the GOP Corporatist, would not be so Angry when the people have access to their individual rights, and can profit other than a service enslaved industry to serve the Corporatists.

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